Operating as a Freelance Contractor

learn-insetAs one of the leading providers of freelance professional placements, Redtree believe CRO and Pharmaceutical employers value the flexibility a contractor brings to their business. The impact of mergers and acquisitions along with all other pressures have driven their business model away from a traditional fixed-cost model, with its FTE dependency, to one based upon the growing pool of contract professional now available worldwide.

In the past a Sponsor’s approach has been to simply hire and hire again, hoping to fill positions and manage the cost of recruitment. The worldwide economic change and trends in Clinical Research has refocused the approach to resourcing, due to the demand for more dynamic and flexible working. This means a better use of full time staff and, of course, freelance contractors.

So with the right attitude, as a contractor, you can take full advantage of this trend in the Clinical trials sector. But only with the right skills and standards.

Redtree and its training partners understand the need and benefits of industry standards training and certification. In association with the ICR and PACRA we will help develop your skills and ensure you achieve the most respected certification and on-going continuing professional development CPD. Coupled with business education and training, Redtree can also provide business support including advice, guidance to ensure you stay compliant with international employment and tax regulations. We can then ensure that your skills and experience are seen by and marketed to industry professionals worldwide via the Redtree marketplace.