Exit Counselling

Transitioning staff to independent working

Keeping in touch with skilled labour

With the Clinical Research sector reshaping itself as result of mergers and acquisitions; it is inevitable that there will continue to be displacement and movement of key skills from the pharmaceutical companies and CROs into a more flexible, variable cost environment with a greater proportion of staff providing their services on a freelance basis. Inevitably, the loss of in-house staff means a loss of key skills and additional challenges for those responsible for delivery clinical trials on time and on budget…

Or does it…

Redtree can help bridge the gap between the new Clinical Research reality. Redtree can help manage this process by re-training, re-focusing staff and equipping them for working in a freelance independent capacity. This Redtree management process helps the restructuring company to retain a positive and constructive relationship with displaced staff members through the Redtree contract market place. Displaced staff are provided with skills needed to compete in their new market and remain available on a variable-cost basis to the organisation with whom they have built considerable knowledge and experience. Redtree creates a supportive environment for both company and affected staff.

Managing people through labour displacement

Redtree has created a package of support services that helps organisations manage the process of redundancy for Clinical Research staff. It has been designed to form part of your exit process for staff who may choose to embark on a career of independent working. Redtree, in conjunction with its training partners, including the ICR (the Institute of Clinical Research) and PACRA (Pan Asian Clinical Research Association) and other specialist support services companies, offer staff exit training and advice to prepare them for a new life in freelance contracting. Redtree can build each programme on an individual basis tailored to the skills and experience of the individual to help them manage through this transitional stage and on into a new career.

More importantly for both client organisations and new freelance Clinical Research professionals, whilst this is happening, relevant skills and experience are being profiled and entered into the Redtree environment. Through the Redtree marketplace, former employers can maintain a connection with former employees and the Clinical Research professional is able to seek third party contract placement when and where necessary.

It makes simple, pragmatic sense to include Redtree in your exit planning strategy for all your Clinical Research professionals.

So whether you are a skilled employee considering taking voluntary redundancy as stepping stone towards independent working or a Sponsor organisation considering the restructuring of your labour demographics, Redtree can assist both parties with the management of this change and transition.

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