Contractor Development


Are you thinking of becoming a contractor? Have you already become a contractor and need help? Have you just been made redundant and need help getting back on your feet?

With Redtree, becoming a contractor is a lot more easier than you think. You have a market place for your skills, a support business for your activities and skilled and valued councillors or experts to help you manage finances, focus your profile marketing and of course assist with the administration of your contractor business.

The importance of a Redtree Profile

Your profile through Redtree will be the basis of your success, it presents all the values you bring to an employer for a specific project. So before any of our services can help you, you need to have completed your Redtree profile.

Helping you to become a contractor

Now that you have chosen to become a contractor, Redtree can bring together a toolkit of services that helps you on the journey from setting up your contractor business through to the marketing of your skills and of course running it each and every day. New packages will be introduced to you to assist in your IT, logistics and even your accounting, building a strong foundation of support that let’s you simply get on with your project or job.

Creating your profile

We will help you build a CV profile that is targeted to specific skills, goals and capabilities. We will market this profile for you, provide you with the services to help manage your contractor business and improve your commercial skills at the same time. Above all we will build the relationships that help you and your contracting business become established quickly and securely. We will help coach you in CV preparation provide guidance on interview approach and technique and resources to update you on regulatory requirements. All from a single support resource.

Starting your business

Are you sure of what business vehicle will give you the best return as a contractor – no matter were you are in the world, indeed if you travel across different locations or simply tax systems? We are, and this is where we at Redtree begin helping you, by assisting in the set-up of your contractor company, the administration and legal support needed as well as the logistical management of the paperwork. We will help you consider the best options for tax, location and type of work you undertake so that your new contractor status delivers long-term as well as short term benefits.

Investing in your business

As will all businesses there is a need for a few basics, even if you run a contracting business from a phone and a laptop. Redtree has set up preference supplier relationships with telecommunications, and IT companies for your phones, computer and software needs. We understand the requirements of your business and workload from your profile and through our set up counselling services so you can be assured that the advise we provide is always right and cost effective.

Setting up the finances

Having helped you set up your contarctor company, helped you establish the basics of operating and the infrastructure you need, we will now help you with the finances: setting up your accounting, banking and of course credit control for those employers who operate set rules and frameworks for paying you.

If you would like to know more, please register your interest.