Clinical Research Training

Career Development

Redtree has now integrated its core training with international recognised examinations, the Certificate and the Diploma. Wherever you are located and operating worldwide, Redtree and its partners will be able to offer you access to what we believe is the most respected and valuable Clinical Research training and education to support your ongoing career development- The Training Standard

This is the start of a new standards based training approach, an intuitive skills development environment for Clinical Research professionals. This package of core certification and training will in the future be further recognised as a pre-requisite for all contractors, achieving and maintaining their Clinical Research standards.

Presented, the Redtree training maps out regulatory requirements for practicing and the responsibilities of ICH GCP to provide insight into how you as a freelance contractor need to legally fulfil these obligations. Based upon the key stage bundling and training modules, your selected certification will in the future be offered to students in a two way, adjudicated online classroom environment delivered using the latest technology worldwide, regardless of your location or time zone.

As with the core learning materials of the past, they are regionalised to reflect your country of origin and functional roles – the standard gained, a ‘gold’ standard, recognised globally for quality (including ICH). The same thought has been given to the accreditation policy as was given from the onset, by confirming quality through the Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP) guidelines and more specifically, ICH Topic E6 Guideline for Good Clinical Practice.

And to encourage you to adopt Redtree Learning programmes, if you are not already affiliated to a professional association or have lost this status since leaving full time employment, you will receive free affiliate membership to a professional body when you subscribe to one of Redtree’s training packages.