About The Training Standard

The success of freelance contractors in the Clinical Research sector will depend on their experience and capabilities. Experiences may differ but capability can be measured through formal qualifications or professional body accreditation.

There exists a wide variety of accreditations available to clinical researchers. These may be confusing to Sponsor companies. We also know that professional qualifications, their quality and acceptance also vary. For this reason Redtree is working with the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) and its sister association the Pan-Asia Clinical Research Organisation (PACRA) to work to create an International standard. ICR has long been established as a leading international training organisation and its recently announced link with PACRA significantly extends its international reach.

Creating an International standard

In this industry Internationally recognised standard qualifications and accreditations serve to demonstrate not only a contractor’s relevant knowledge but also their capability which complements his or her experience. For a potential employer it helps rapid decision making; for a contractor it is necessary part of a career path.

Redtree, through the well-established training and accreditation programmes of the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) along with its partner association PACRA offers a broad range of opportunities for Clinical Research education and training. Redtree provides a series of structured training packages designed to support your professional career development. You would expect these packages to provide you with the training necessary for the professional aspects of your role as an independent clinical professional. We recognise, however, that you may also need support in the development of the commercial skills necessary for you to work effectively in such a role. We also provide training courses to meet your business needs.