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With Redtree you can build on your current skills and develop new ones, helping you to be come a more effective and valued Clinical Research professional. 


Redtree has a vision to be part of a ‘Training Standard’ – a standard of excellence that becomes the most respected in the marketplace and one that drives and helps shape the careers of new and existing talent entering or currently operating in the fields of clinical research.

Redtree’s campaigning work with Cogent, the science sectors skills council, is an important initiative in this quest for the emergence of the one unified standard – the “Gold Standard”.


This is the 1st landmark standard that has been developed for the role of the Clinical Research Associate and we hope others will ensue and accompany it to ensure competencies across all clinical operational areas are covered.

Redtree have been instrumental in the further development of the new ‘Training Standards’ that are aligned and will deliver the ‘Gold Standard’ training to replace and modernise the original ‘Introduction to Clinical Research’ that Sue Fitzpatrick (Head of Training at Redtree) made famous and became accepted as the unofficial career pathway into the clinical arena. Thousands of clinical research professionals who today exist within the clinical space have benefited from this training and now we hope many thousands more will follow in their footsteps and benefit from the new Gold Standard training available exclusively through Redtree working in partnership with its accreditation and science skills body Cogent.


John Holton, Cogent Skills Director says, “As businesses grow, the impact of clinical and scientific knowledge evolves with the business. The new CRA Cogent Gold Standard will allow employers and individuals to benchmark themselves against a national standard so that they can recruit, develop or retain the best employees to a level recognised by employers as best practise.”

Sue Fitzpatrick Redtree People Director commented, “The new industry Gold Standard now exists to unify sector skills so that CRA competencies may be measured and supported by quality approved training. I am very pleased to be involved in the process and creation of new standard which has been long awaited”

The new Gold Standard CRA course will the 1st in a number of new training programmes that sit alongside Redtree’s existing training portfolio. These will be further supported by examinations and assessments around best practice in clinical research and new methods of deploying training.


Together with Redtree’s work and involvement in Skills Auditing and Skills Profiling for clinical research workers should make Redtree the primary destination for career and skills development for the new entrants and experienced people wishing to develop their careers in the clinical sector.


Cogent Skills Gold Standard

Sue Fitzpatrick on the need for the new Gold Standard.

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