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We invite you to profile your skills and allow Redtree to assist you with your career development.

Joanna CR AssociateWhether you are looking to enter the marketplace from your graduation studies; investigating transitioning your current clinical skills from another sector or currently operating as a Clinical Research Professional (CRP) in the market, Redtree is a place where you can develop, showcase and market your skills. A profile and platform that grows with you as you develop new skills and learnings, a place where your skills can be matched with the needs and requirements of the clinical research market worldwide.

The Redtree’s unique profiling system has been deliberately built in a prescriptive fashion from the market and prospective employer perspective. In other words it focuses ultimately on what the market requires of its skilled employees and contractors. Its asks the questions that employers need to know of its workers, the key information, not solely the information that individuals wish to expose about themselves and commonly found on CV’s.

But ultimately your Redtree profile is for you and about you – there to support your career progression. With your input your profile will contain information about your clinical trial and therapeutic experience but also your behavioural softer skills assessed via our dedicated psychometric analysis. It will market your availability and indicate the skilled work you are looking to secure. In addition you can access ongoing learning, training and development not only from Redtree itself but also from a multitude of other Training providers.
Your profile, your career, providing an ‘always on’ marketing visibility service of your skills – all controlled by you.

In return Redtree will support your career development, encouraging you to continue your professional development to help your work goals whilst updating your profile. And for Employers, Redtree will help to create a skills database register validating the information contained within it, ensuring that Redtree People are fully profiled, fully validate and compliant to undertake the skilled work demanded of them.


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