Sue Fitzpatrick appointed senior collaborator with NNEdPro : 02-Apr-2015

  • Sue Fitzpatrick Hon FICR, Director of Redtree People has been appointed senior collaborator with, The Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro). NNEdPro is an independent knowledge generation, transfer/exchange and evaluation platform. The NNEdPro Group represents a strategic partnership between doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals. It is composed of several partner organisations including the British Dietetic Association, Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour, the Cambridge University Hospitals/School of Clinical Medicine, the University of Ulster and the UK Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research unit in Cambridge, UK.

Sue Fitzpatrick joins Redtree People : 31-Mar-2014

Redtree People a trading arm of Redtree Systems Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Fitzpatrick, formerly the Head of Education and Training at the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), to the Redtree management team and board.

Sue’s role will be to further Redtree’s learning and training capability and to develop the planned ‘Employability’ programme initiative aimed at assisting new market entrants, including Biomedical Scientific students and Research Nurses, transitioning into the Clinical Research sector.

Andrew Baillie CEO Redtree commented “ we are delighted to have Sue on board and to benefit from her sector knowledge and respected training experience. Sue’s input will be invaluable as Redtree presses ahead with its strategy to assist Clinical Research professionals at all levels with their career development and Sponsor organisation’s with their internal and resourcing.

Sue Fitzpatrick commented on her new role ” I have always felt passionate about helping new people into the research sector and have provided career advice to many individuals. Joining Redtree People allows me to do this in a more formal way and I am looking forward to a new and exciting challenge. Redtree’s philosophy is about helping individuals fulfil their potential and Andrew Baillie and the Board are committed to this goal.”

Website Design Update : 02-Nov-2011

As part of the ongoing development of Redtree’s services, we have updated our website. This revision concentrates on making the site easier to navigate and paves the way for future developments we will be launching shortly.

Redtree Learning : 03-Nov-2011

Redtree are pleased to announce the launch of its learning division with its aim to assist with the career development of Redtree People – registrants. The education and learning services include vocational and industry based learning through recognised training providers as well as Contractor Development training for Redtree People looking to progress their abilities and opportunities as independent workers. For more information on Redtree learning services visit this link

Redtree People :

Redtree has supplemented its customer services team with the deployment of Donna O’Keefe as Redtree Project Manager. Donna will be responsible for the project management and further development of the Redtree platform. Julie Mallam has been appointed as Redtree customer relationship management CRM and system manager. Rachel Corbishley has been appointed to head up the Redtree customer services team. All three have extensive experience of managing customer service orientated operations.

Redtree Platform :

Redtree will be releasing the next generation version of its system platform to allow Candidates to update detailed profile information of their skills, experience, competencies and availability. Hiring organisations will be able to directly search and select from the Redtree skills database to create Candidate shortlists and interview instructions.

Redtree 2011 Survey. :

Redtree are underway with the re run of their employment trend survey to understand the ongoing trends in employment migration between full time employment and freelance contracting. The survey will also investigate the impact of the worldwide recession and how further consolidation in the Pharma marketplace is affecting employment aspirations.