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Welcome to Redtree

Redtree People is a provider of whole of life, standards based, career development and training services for workers and emerging talent looking to develop and gain access to the Clinical and Life Science industries. With the advent of new government legislation supporting the creation of new apprenticeships and the associated Trailblazer initiatives, Redtree supports the establishment of employee standards and is a registered solution provider helping organisations access levy funding to on-board new talent and up skill existing workforces.

In this capacity, Redtree aims to deliver standards based consultancy, training and career development services and offer clinical and life science workers a place to register, develop and market their skills and for employers to help source, manage and deliver their workforce development and apprenticeship programmes.

Redtree’s tailored programmes reflect the needs of both the individual and employer, in the sectors served, to develop people skills that contribute to overall business improvement and the evolution of a productive and positively motivated workforce.

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